Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

New Moon Prosperity Spells

The BF and I have been a little short on money lately (like many of you as well, I figure). Ronja's surgery costs almost as much as I make in a month, we need money for his university education and there is still a lawsuit waiting concerning his old flat (where the owners, when he left, tried to have the complete flat renovated, including a new kitchen, and make him pay for everything).

So I figured I'd use some tiny prosperity spells. I'd already bought the candles I wanted to use (green, brown, red and yellow) and was waiting for the day after the new moon. Which was yesterday. I prepared everything and decided to go into town first to get cat food and some special tea for the BF, and suddenly there was a voice in my head, "Bring candy!" and images of light-colored sweets. Well, who am I to argue with the voices in my head?

The easiest money spell I know, one which usually works really quickly, is giving away money without worrying. To street musicians or beggars, for example. And not just a cent or two (I usually take the biggest coin I have available - with the €uro, the biggest coin is something like 2 dollars, I guess, maybe 2.50 at the moment). Give it away without worrying, and know that the little bugger will tell all his friends how good he had it with you, so they will want to visit in return.

I bought the things I needed (including a baking dish to make bread (my old ones are too old and worn out for the job, the bread always sticks to them, no matter what I do), a bread knife, cat food, the tea, flour and a 'lucky bamboo' (which I had wanted for a long time)). At the drug store, I also got some sesame brittle. And then I went to a local sweets store and looked for the right sort of sweets to bring home for the ritual. I settled on two kinds of chocolate (white with different kinds of nuts and orange flavor, whole milk chocolate with espresso), brought them home, placed them (and the sesame brittle) on tiny dishes, blessed them and put them on the altar, and then I lit the candles. Here are some pictures of the whole thing.

The colors of the candles are explained as follows:
* Green for prosperity and wealth.
* Brown for things that nurture, and to make this not a fast, but a lasting spell.
* Yellow as a symbol of gold and the sun.
* Red to increase the energy of the spell.
The candles will burn every day until the full moon, to build up momentum, and I will visualize the things we need and build up energy during this time as well. Two weeks of preparation should be fine for a Full Moon Prosperity Rite (more on that in 2 weeks, I guess).

The sweets, as a symbol of abundance and the "sweet life" we all are hoping for, also help to share the spell with the BF, who usually doesn't join me for my magic.

In short, I made the sweets an offer to the goddess. And later we lit a green candle in the living room and ate it.

Today or tomorrow (depending on the schedule), I will also be making a prosperity talisman. My talisman, in most cases, are tiny bags of colored fabric, on which I write or "embroider" (ahem) runes or symbols I find fitting. I intend to fill this special talisman with verbena and some of the smaller copper coins, consecrate it and take it with me for a while. (I still don't have a witches' tree, more on that some other time.)

In summary, prosperity spells can be pretty simple, and from experience I dare say they can be quite effective as well.


Wendy hat gesagt…

I love your altar and the way you petitioned to the Goddess for prosperity. Often, I'll give the "gold" to musicians to please the muse. May Fortuna smile on you and your family.

Gypsy hat gesagt…

Really beautiful :) You totally just put me in the mood to make some spells of my own :)

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) hat gesagt…

I did as spell for this as well- using an attraction candle for attracting work. It's been working really well. My offering was a tootsie roll- I guess the Gods get hungry for sweets this time of year like us, huh?